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Produces an accidental encounter between the countryside and Marunouchi area.

Here can be used as a place to introduce "high quality, essence, true, real" tourism resources, specialty products, technologies and services. For the people who gather in Marunouchi, it will be a "Realistic place" where you can actually experience stimulating the five senses through the event. We will provide experiences that will make one feel the charms of the countryside and become a true fan. You can create and direct your ideas regardless of genre such as exhibitions, talk shows, workshops, etc. Audio equipment, lighting equipment, and variable fixtures will support.


Facility name Have a Nice TOKYO! [HaNT!]
Address Mitsubishi Building 1F 2-5-2 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Access 3 minutes from JR Tokyo Station by walk
3 minutes from Marunouchi Line Tokyo Station by walk
1 minute from Chiyoda Line Nijubashimae Station by walk
Building completion July 1964
Facility opening July 2021
Business hours 9:00am -- 9:00pm
[Varies depending on the event]

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Area total 150 tsubo
(496 square meter)
Pop-up space / Utility space / Information counter / Pamphlet corner, etc.
120 tsubo
(397 square meter)
SHOP ZONE Area 28 tsubo
(92.5 square meter)


Design concept

Marunouchi, the area of business buildings, forms a beautiful and well-organized façade. On the other hand, back alleys tend to lack human-scale size.

Create a space where people can be aware of their existence with a continuous taste from the Apple store, creative and casual impressions. This gives a familiar impression to the Marunouchi area, which has a strong image of work mode. Furthermore, it makes visitors from overseas see and feel another face.

New design expresses the traditional Japanese materials and finishes

Specifically, we utilize natural materials such as lumber, which have been used for a long time in Japan. As a result, the space has the variability of changing the setting between day and night, and makes this space able to expand and change. Created a space that combines traditional Japanese materials such as woods and Oya stones and finished with modern technology and design. In addition, the lighting design creates day and night expressions.

Sale area of tourism resources, crafts, specialties, etc. from all over Japan

At "SHOP ZONE", you can actually sell specialty products from all over Japan in conjunction with the "POP UP ZONE" project.Visitors will be updated of local visits and support by actually experiencing local tourism resources, crafts and specialties, seeing, listening, tasting, and experiencing with all senses.